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Finally my GA was approved by Google

About almost a month ago I registered in Google Adsense . And it needed survey by Google and need long time for an approval . Then I wait .Today when I get up and I am looking for my Laptop . And I open my email , then this message is appear . This is message from Google .

Finally , after I am waiting for a long time . Now my google adsense  registration . I am really happy . And I will start to hard work and make it maximal . But as newbie as I am , I think I will took little bit difficult to get what I want . I reads in the internet ,  there are many tips and tricks  how to make my cash increased . I hear so many successful people who work with Google Adsense . I hope I can be like them and not just dream . To other blogger who have more knowledge and have experienced in Adsense like this . I hope for you help . Oke guys see ya 
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