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Learning ? Why ?

Sometimes question like that arises in our mind ??? Why I must learning ? For what ? Oke .. Why I must learn math , science , physic ,etc . I believe without that I will still alive . That’s opinion is right if your life is just breathe , sleep , eat ,etc .  You know , life is not just about you can eat , sleep , breathe , grow, etc.  In this life there are so many opportunities that you will be finding . And , an opportunity can you get if you have ability to take it . Yeah ability . So where I can get my ability ?? The right question is not “Where” but “How” . Ya How I can get my ability ??  Yeah by learning , that’s exactly right .

Why I must learn to much ??? Oke . Caome on guys , we are not paranormal who can predict what will happen in the future . So this is all we do for “protection” .  More and more of our ability will make us have many options to do something . If you can do this , maybe you can do other options .  Everything up to you . .

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